Located south of Croatia, lined with walls, the city has been partially destroyed by the recent war. It was damage by an earthquake in 1667 and again in the 1990s by armed conflict. After repair and restoration, the city has its magnificence again. The wall has been rebuilt with the help of the European Union. Todays, Dubrovnik is registered on the World Heritage of the Unesco.

Dubrovnik boasts spectacular churches, monasteries, palaces fountains. The marble-clod streets its great atmosphere makes the old Town fantastic to wonder around.

The main street, “La Placa”, surrounded with houses of equal heights, inhales the power and the wealth of the region. Cobbled with high warm slab under the sun, Dubrovnik is a place for walking and a meeting place of diverse nationalities appreciated by all.

Here, look at landscape longingly : palaces, tower, fountain, cathedrals and terrace of the coffee “Gradska” which allows to admire the whole at the same time.

Throughout the old town, you will find plenty of restaurants.