Pag Island

Pag Island is the 3rd largest Adriatic Island among 2 400 island. The sea has dug in the central part of the island, the Gulf of Pag.

Exposed to the wind, the North-East side is bare, covered with “rock wood” with some part of scrubland. The southern side of the island is low and reminds you of the Mediterranean landscapes.

The pasture which covers 9/10th of the land make of this part of this island a real land for the sheep farm and as a result, the production of the well-known “PASKI SIR” cheese.

A lovely small harbor, the city of Pag is rich with landmarks dating back to Roman Times. The must-see of the city is the visit of the museum which is situated on the other side of the old bridge.

Another tradition in the region is Pag lace, made with simple sewing needle and which is characterized by its geometric form and of a real rigidity.

At the exit of Pag, the salt flat marsh exploit by the Solana company insure 80% of the consummation of salt in Croatia. You can buy the salt on all the commerce.

At sunset, among a lot of tourists, you can meet with a traditional precession : the folkloric cortege with music, dance and costumes.